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Season is back and we are ready!


Just Us is a full service production company based in Cape Town. From the very first spark of an idea to a hard drive full of stunning content, we bring years of experience, contacts, and know-how to every phase of the production pipeline.

Times have changed. We can all feel it.

In the way we work, the way we interact, and now, fortunately, in the way we move forward together.

Change is still in the air, but there is a crackle of excitement about what’s ahead. There is a freshness to the future, and opportunities for those who dare.

As we adapt to changes, good and bad, we hold firm to what is sacred to us.

What won’t change is our tailor-made approach to each production, be it small or large, stills or motion projects. Our locations remain epically beautiful and close to the city. Our restaurants are just as tasty. Our crew are still hard working, experienced and creative. And our commitment to deliver content that exceeds all expectations, on time and on budget, will always be what sets us apart.

South Africa has been removed from the UK, USA & Europe’s red fly list. This means quarantine-free travel and more time for work and play. Just Us Production strictly follows the health and safety standards set by the government, and our local production teams and crew are experts at maintaining those standards without compromising on our trademark atmosphere of fun and adventure.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our sunny shores soon.


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