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We are a full service production company based in Cape Town. From the very first spark of an idea to a hard drive full of stunning content, we bring 14 years of experience, contacts and know-how to any phase of the production pipeline.

Meet the team



I was brought up on the West Coast of South Africa where sunny days, salty hair and cool water fostered a sense of fun and adventure that remains an integral part of who I am.
After school I received training in the culinary arts, which taught me to perform skillfully under pressure and as part of a highly codependent team. This training allowed me to work my way across Europe where I discovered what I later found to be a rare, but important component of the best of these teams: Having fun while working hard. 

I have since managed the Kitesurfing World Tour and their international media platforms for 4 years until finally settling back in Cape Town. I found production the perfect fit to allow me to work and travel in an exciting and rewarding field. I have spent over a decade working with so many wonderfully creative and dedicated people – learning and sharing and travelling with these incredible men and women remains one of the greatest blessings I have received. I am very grateful to be able to continue this journey the Just Us way.

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“Nick is a producer here at Just Us Production and boasts nine years’ experience
in the Stills and TV production industry.

Nick grew up in Johannesburg and after graduating with a degree in photojournalism and philosophy from Rhodes University, he moved down to Cape Town and began his career in production.

Nick has assisted photographers all over the world and managed productions for some of the biggest brands in the world. The combination of his photographic and managerial experience on set allowed Nick to slide naturally into producing and is now a key member of the Just Us team.”



It’s really simple, call nobody else, Just Us…

Richard Mellon

+27 79 302 0413 | +27 21 207 9120

Nick Stroucken

+27 82 507 9687 | +27 21 207 9120

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