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Finally the rollercoaster 2020 year has ended and we are all moving forward into better and busier times. Although the year has put strain on all business, it has also offered up new opportunities. One of those solutions/opportunities within film and photo production is remote shooting. It allows you to keep creating necessary content in beautiful sunny locations, whilst sitting safely at home or in your office.

With travel being limited at the moment, we have prepared a set of adjusted production services to allow our clients to continue their communication using the beautiful locations and skilled industry of South Africa.

We have introduced remote shooting solutions whereby footage is recorded on location in South Africa and broadcasted live to the client and agency anywhere in the world.

We have both the technology and skilled operators to give our clients the ability to seamlessly direct shoots from afar. Feedback and communication is done in real time by the creatives, while a core crew film on location. It allows for trimmed budgets, quick turnaround time, perfect summer weather and of course unique locations during this pandemic. All you need to do is send over the product and we deliver everything else.

If you have any questions please get in touch. We want to find the safest and best solution for your next shoot.

We look forward to hearing back and working on your next summer campaign!

Just Us


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