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Recent Summer Work

We are fortunate to collaborate with teams from all over the globe, and in the past year nobody has been untouched by the crisis and the restrictions it has caused. Eager to get back to work, we knew that it would be a challenge for us to get the job done to the highest standard, with our same atmosphere of fun and adventure, while making sure we had health & safety as our top priority.

Fortunately, the Swedish power-team of Nils and Fia were up for the challenge.

Our friends from Sweden chose a couple of weeks between March and April for the shoots, a time of year when the low arching sunshine allows soft beautiful light throughout the day, and with very little wind and perfect temperatures, it’s always a special time for us at the end of the hot Cape Town summer season.

We lined up several top Swedish brands including Damernas Värld, Stadium, Twist & Tango and Baby Björn, and the adventure began. Just Us is delighted to say that with the help of our amazing support team, and good vibes from all involved, it was a huge success. The images we captured in and around Cape Town were breath-taking, and while the smiles of the crew were hidden behind masks, everyone’s eyes held the same sparkle of exhausted happiness.

Just Us - "We are all in this together"

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Warren Baynes
Warren Baynes
Jul 27, 2021

Stoked to see you guys still keep going!

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