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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Another first for us this season was welcoming the Swedish family owned business Baby Björn to Cape Town.

It was a pleasure getting to know and spending time with Ulrika, Anna and Josefin and we can’t wait to have them back soon.

The calming combo of photographer Nils Oldier and stylist Fia Tegner always inspire beautiful results and it shows in every project they work on together. There were a fair amount of “aaahhhhhh’’s and “oooooo”s on this job, with tiny babies and toddlers on set in abundance.

We hosted the team in a breath-taking villa in Camps Bay, which worked perfectly for this production and allowed the team to feel the comforts of home while being away.

The crew again worked tirelessly to put together another successful production with a few tears (from the babies of course) and laughter all the way.


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